transport operators

In the transport industry, obtaining insurance that protects your business in the wake of any unfortunate circumstances is extremely important. Regional Insurance Brokers are experienced in specialised transport insurance and only use the most reputable insurers. We can help find you cover for things such as:

Heavy Motor Vehicles

In many sectors of the transport industry, heavy motor vehicles are essential. If anything happens to your vehicles on the job, such as damage, destruction or theft, then motor vehicle insurance is designed to cover you for such unforeseen circumstances.

Depot and Workshop

Insurance for the transportation industry shouldn't just apply for when you're on the road. Our transport depot and workshop covers give protection against a range of off road risks.

Public and Products Liability

When it come to the transport industry, your business can be held accountable for both public and products liability just like many other industries. With public liability, if you find yourself or your business being held legally liable for damage or personal injury towards a third party (i.e. employee) or their property, public liability insurance will help cover the legal costs. Similar to public liability, we can cover products liability in case a product of your (cars, tools, etc.) happens to be the cause of any damage or personal injury to a third party or their property.

Load Insurance and Carriers Legal Liability

No matter how much care is taken, the damage or loss of freight can sometimes occur during the transportation of goods. Our load and carriers insurance provides protection if unforeseen damage to freight occurs under your care.

OH&S Breaches

Occupational Health and Safety applies to all transport companies across Australia. If a worker or someone visiting your work premise is injured on the job, your company can be prosecuted for an OH & S breach. Furthermore, if you are a director or manager of a company you might be held personally liable for breaches even if you had no direct involvement in the injury.

Chain of Responsibility Breaches

The chain of responsibility places legal obligations on parties in the transport industry. Our insurance scheme covers specific protections for companies who may have breached the chain.


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