Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Package

Regional Insurance Brokers have developed a specific and cost effective insurance package for Surveyors. We understand the demands and specific duties that surveyors face on a daily basis, and our Surveyors Professional Indemnity and Public Liability package has been designed to reflect this. Our package includes the following:


Professional Indemnity Insurance

An exclusive professional indemnity cover has been created for surveyors, ensuring you and your business are taken care of in the event of a professional indemnity claim. Our Professional Indemnity insurance cover includes the following features

  1. Three Automatic Reinstatements
  2. Costs and excess exclusive
  3. Free Legal Advice
  4. Statutory Liability Included – $500,000
  5. Fidelity Cover Included – $50,000
  6. Claims preparation costs – $25,000
  7. Continuous Cover
  8. Consultants, Sub-contractors and Agents
  9. Court Attendance Costs – $250/$500 per day
  10. Extended Notification Period 60 days
  11. Joint Venture


Public and Products Liability Insurance

When it comes to the surveying industry, your business can be held accountable for incidents of public liability, just like most other industries. With our insurance package for Surveyors,
you’ll be covered in the event of any public liability claim being made against you or others within your business.



Business Insurance

Surveyors don’t spend all their time out in the field, with the office playing a very important role. As a result, business insurance (also known as office insurance) is designed to keep your office protected, whether you’re there or not. Business insurance will help protect your office in the event of risks such as theft and property damage.



Mobile Equipment Insurance

As the surveying industry demands regular on-field surveys to be carried, this means you’re frequently moving your equipment from site to site. With mobile equipment insurance, you’ll be able to rest assured that your equipment will be protected against damage, theft and destruction.



Statutory Liability Insurance

If you or an employee of your business happens to breach any statutory laws or legislation, statutory liability insurance will help cover legal and other related costs.



Management Liability Insurance

Keep the management side of your business protected by taking out management liability insurance. This will offer you security in the event you face management-related issues such as unfair dismissal, employee theft, breach of conduct, etc.



If you’re interested in our Surveyors Professional Indemnity and Public Liability package, fill out the form on this page or give us a call on 07 4841 4000 to find out more.


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