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Regional Insurance Brokers was established in 1981. Our progressive and innovative approach to our clients’ needs has ensured the company’s growth so that Regional is now one of the largest insurance broking houses in Australia. With offices located throughout Queensland, Regional is well placed to provide exceptional service and expertise to our large and diverse clientele both within and outside the state. Our alliances with key players in southern capitals ensures that we can truly combine NATIONAL STRENGTH with REGIONAL SERVICE ensuring peace of mind and security for our clients.

Regional Insurance Brokers

  • Founded in 1981 giving us over 30 years of stability
  • Over 60 Professional & Qualified Insurance Brokers throughout Queensland
  • 7 offices throughout Queensland
  • Large and Diverse Clientele across many industry sectors
  • Alliances with key players in southern capitals giving us a national strength

Our Commitment to SCRIA MembersSCRIA

To provide personalised service and prompt response by utilising a pool of quality, professional advice, specialised know how, vast facilities and specific Insurer support. This means a level of service and attention you usually expect from smaller organisations, but with the strength and depth of resources of a large corporation.

Proposed Insurance scheme for SCRIA Members

Broadform Liability – insuring you against claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of your business activities.

Business Pack Insurance – insuring your property against storm, fire malicious damage, customer’s goods in your possession, business interruption, theft and so on.

Transit Insurance – insuring customer’s goods whilst in transit in your vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Insurance – it is imperative fixed machines and equipment are effectively insured under the commercial motor vehicle policy to ensure an accurate payout figure is received in the event of a claim.

General Property – insuring your portable tools of trade against theft, accidental damage and damage whilst in transit.

Management Liability – insuring you for claims made against the directors and officers of the company, statutory liability (fines incurred from Workplace Health and Safety Breaches), Employment Practices (claims made against you for unfair dismissal, hostile work environment etc.).

Cyber Crime – insuring against loss to your business (business interruption and cyber investigation costs), loss to others (breach of privacy laws, fines and penalties), cyber event and response costs (customer notification, data restoration, cyber extraction costs).

Life and Income Protection – insured via Regional Financial Planning


Personalised Service

To support the proposed scheme arrangements and other insurances services to the SCRIA members, Regional has provided a dedicated contact person for all members.

We believe that providing a dedicated contact helps us better service the needs of your members. This also allows us to identify any trends or opportunities specific to your members and industry that may require a risk management solution.

Due to significant differences in the scope of work undertaken by the SCRIA members, Regional’s approach will be to conduct a detailed personal review of members current policies with a view to providing advice as well as our recommendation and split costs to allow members to understand what is available and the associated costs.

In relation to the SCRIA’s own insurances and those of all the SCRIA members, these will be looked after personally by Mitch Binney.

Insurer Support and Premium Rates

Regional Insurance Brokers have negotiated exclusive insurance rates for SCRIA members with QBE Insurance. Please note the discounted insurance rates are available only to current SCRIA members. To date our offering is proving to be extremely competitive!

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