If you own a business that employs either above or underground miners, obtaining insurance that protects your business in the wake of any unfortunate circumstances is extremely important.

The increased risks that come with working in the mining industry means that your employees could find themselves in potentially dangerous situations. As their employer, you need insurance to protect you in the event that any of your employees suffer injury, become ill or die on the job. Additionally, you need to protect your equipment and property in the event that any of them are stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Regional Insurance Brokers is experienced in specialised insurance such as mining insurance and knows how to find the right insurer for you. We can help find you cover for things such as:


Public and Products Liability Insurance

When it comes to the mining industry, your business can be held accountable for both public and products liability just like most other industries.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you happen to make a mistake in your field of profession that results in a client, customer or employee suffering financial loss or other notable consequences, then they may hold you liable for professional indemnity (negligence).


Motor Vehicle Insurance

Depending on your business, your employee may end up using vehicles that you supply to them as part of their job. If anything happens to your vehicles on the job – such as damage, destruction, theft – then motor vehicle insurance is designed to cover you for such unforeseen circumstances.


Tools and Heavy Equipment Insurance

In the mining industry, tools and equipment (light or heavy) are absolutely essential. Therefore it is important to make sure if your business uses any tools or equipment in mines that you have them insured. Insuring protects you in the circumstances of theft, damage or destruction that occurs through no fault of your own or your employees.


Statutory Liability Insurance

If you or an employee of your business happens to breach any statutory laws or legislation, statutory liability insurance will help cover legal and other related costs.


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