motor fleet

The Motor Fleet Insurance Policy is designed for small, medium, large and corporate companies with over 20 vehicles to have all motor vehicles insured under the one policy. The can include all classes of vehicles from passenger transport vehicles to heavy motor vehicle also including contractors plant and machinery. The policy can include many features and benefits including windscreen protections for passenger classed vehicle, unlisted driver cover and automatic addition and deletion of vehicles cover.


What does the product do?


Provides cover for motor vehicle fleets from comprehensive, third party property, third party fire and theft and own damage only covers.


Who does the product benefit?


  • No need to disclose individual drivers

  • Windscreen Covers (no excess payable) for certain vehicles

  • Automatic additions and deletion of vehicles cover

  • Optional Hire Vehicle after an accident cover for passenger vehicles

  • Ability to have all classes of motor vehicles including heavy motor and contractors plant on the one policy


What kind of client/customer is the product suitable for?

  • Small Business with over 20 vehicles

  • Medium Business

  • Large Business

  • Corporate Business

  • Farming Businesses


For more information about Motor Fleet insurance, please contact your local Regional Insurance Brokers office or submit an online enquiry