Burglary / theft

Burglary and Theft Insurance is designed to cover you against loss or damage as a result of theft or any attempted theft. Burglary and Theft Insurance will usually cover theft of property whilst the property is held within the premises. It will also cover damage made to such property during the course of the theft.


Regional Insurance Brokers can also source Burglary and Theft insurance that may cover you for the following:


  • The cost of temporary protection.

  • Cash and negotiable instruments

  • Personal property of employees.

  • The theft of lead, copper or other metals or external fixtures and fittings attached to the premises.

  • The cost to replace or modify locks in the event of stolen keys.

  • The cost of clerical labour and other charges incurred in replacing or restoring business books or records (including computer system records) that were lost or damaged as a result of a theft.


For more information about Burglary / Theft Insurance, please contact your local Regional Insurance Brokers office or submit an online enquiry.