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Business Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Insurance to maintain a high level of risk management and loss control for businesses big and small

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Protect yourself from damage, loss or theft of your personal assets & valuables

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Insure yourself against claims of negligence arising from injuries or damage to other people or property

Welcome to Regional Insurance Brokers

Regional Insurance Brokers was established in 1981. Our progressive and innovative approach to our clients’ needs has ensured the company’s growth so that Regional is now one of the largest insurance broking houses in Australia.

With offices located throughout Queensland, Regional is well placed to provide exceptional service and expertise to our large and diverse clientele both within and outside the state. Our alliances with key players in southern capitals ensures that we can truly combine NATIONAL STRENGTH with REGIONAL SERVICE ensuring peace of mind and security for our clients.

Regional Insurance Brokers

  • Founded in 1981 giving us over 30 years of stability
  • Over 60 Professional & Qualified Insurance Brokers throughout Queensland
  • 8 offices throughout Queensland
  • Large and Diverse Clientele across many industry sectors
  • Alliances with key players in southern capitals giving us a national strength

Our Commitment

To provide personalised service and prompt response by utilising a pool of quality, professional advice, specialised know how, vast facilities and support. This means a level of service and attention you usually expect from smaller organisations, but with the strength and depth of resources of a large corporation.

Our People

We invest in the most talented people. Our philosophy is to encourage both personal and professional development. Our performance management programs allow our people access to the resources they need to maintain and update their skills. We consider our people achievers, creative and client-focused.